Liam Neeson's astonishing versatility on the big screen is as enigmatic as it is inspiring. From his legendary roles in action films to his ability to embody the serenity of Qui-Gon Jinn, his acting prowess has been solidified over the years. At 71 years old, Neeson chooses his projects, and we, without a doubt, surrender to the experience, knowing that we are facing one of the most brilliant actors in the history of cinema.

We adore Neeson for his ability to convey integrity even in the most intense moments of action and for his ability to embody serious and transcendental characters such as Michael Collins or the unforgettable Oskar Schindler, a role that gave him worldwide recognition despite not winning the coveted Oscar.

Neeson has had a remarkable path in the film industry. From his beginnings in 'Excalibur' (1981) to 'Schindler's List' (1993), which catapulted him to fame, he has shared the stage with legends such as Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons.

The diversity of his career is palpable: from 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' to participation in major productions such as 'Kingdom of Heaven' or 'Batman Begins'. Even with brief appearances in films like 'Gangs of New York', his presence is always impactful.

His action era began with 'Revenge', establishing him as an action hero, although his mastery is demonstrated even in his most dramatic roles. Behind the screen, Neeson has a life story as fascinating as his film career. From his initial aspirations to his rise to stardom, Neeson has left his mark on every facet of his life.

Despite never winning an Oscar, his legacy is impressive. From his brilliant performance in 'Schindler's List' to his multiple nominations, Neeson has left an indelible mark on film history. His talent, wide spectrum of roles, and magnetic presence have made him an iconic and beloved figure since the '90s.

Born in Ballymena (Antrim, Northern Ireland) in 1952, Neeson found his first notable role in 'Excalibur' (1981). However, it was his performance as Oskar Schindler in 'Schindler's List' (1993) that catapulted him to world fame, earning nominations for the Oscar, the Golden Globes and the BAFTA awards.

Now, we review the 12 best films of his, from the lowest to the highest score on IMDb. Which is your favorite? Which one would you add? His extensive career makes it difficult to pick just 10, but we relied on IMDb ratings to highlight some of his standout performances.

Under Suspicion

Year: 1991
Director: Simon Moore
IMDb: 6.4

In 1959, a Brighton private detective becomes embroiled in a murder case that threatens to ruin his reputation.

Tony Aaron, a disgraced ex-cop, makes a living by falsifying adulteries for divorces. When he gets involved in a case involving his own wife, they are both murdered. The detective investigating the case, his former partner Frank, suspects Tony, but has no evidence.

Is Tony a murderer? Or is he just a victim of unfortunate circumstances?

Under Suspicion


Year: 1990
Director: Sam Raimi
IMDb: 6.4

A scientist who has developed synthetic skin that can change shape is brutally attacked and left for dead. When he wakes up, he realizes that his face is disfigured and that his new skin only lasts one hundred minutes.

To get revenge on his attackers, the scientist adopts the identity of Darkman, a man who can create any appearance he desires. With his new ability, Darkman infiltrates the world of crime and approaches his enemies to take them down.

Can Darkman achieve revenge on him without losing his humanity?



Year: 2011
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
IMDb: 6.8

A man wakes up in a Berlin hospital with amnesia. He doesn't remember his name, his identity or how he got there. When he tries to take her life back, he discovers that his wife does not recognize him and that another man has assumed his identity.

Martin is forced to flee from the authorities and the murderers who are pursuing him. With no one to turn to, sHe meets an illegal immigrant from Bosnia who helps him discover the truth about his past.

Is Martin really who he says he is? Or is he an impostor who has usurped his identity?


Rob Roy

Year: 1995
Director: Michael Caton-Jones
IMDb: 6.9

In 18th century Scotland, Rob Roy Macgregor is an honorable man who fights to protect his people from thieves. When he is forced to ask the Marquis of Montrose, an unscrupulous man, for money, Rob Roy finds himself drawn into a battle that will endanger everything he loves.

Can Rob Roy defeat his enemies and protect his family?

Rob Roy


Year: 2004
Director: Bill Condon
IMDb: 7.1

In 1948, sexologist Alfred Kinsey published a study that revealed that people's sex lives are much more diverse than previously thought.

His findings, which were highly controversial in his time, have been accepted over time as a fundamental basis for our understanding of human sexuality.

In the movie Kinsey, Liam Neeson plays the intrepid scientist who dared to challenge social norms and change the way we think about sex.

Are you ready to discover the truth about human sexuality?


Michael Collins

Year: 1996
Director: Neil Jordan
IMDb: 7.1

Michael Collins was an extraordinary man: a brilliant military strategist, a charismatic leader and a tireless patriot. He led Sinn Féin to victory in the Irish War of Independence, but his success was short-lived.

His success was short-lived, as he was assassinated in 1922, shortly after the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

The film, starring Liam Neeson, is a gripping portrait of a man who sacrificed everything for his country. Michael Collins is an exciting and moving film that tells the story of a man who changed the course of history.


Year: 2016
Director: Martin Scorsese
IMDb: 7.2

In the 17th century, two Portuguese Jesuits travel to Japan to save their mentor, who has been tortured to the point of renouncing his faith.

The two young priests face a terrible choice: renounce their faith or die.

What would you do?

Silence is an epic and moving film that explores the nature of faith, resistance and sacrifice.


Les Misérables

Year: 1998
Director: Bille August
IMDb: 7.4

In 1815, Jean Valjean (Liam Neeson), an ex-convict, is released from prison after serving 19 years for stealing a piece of bread.

Valjean vows to change his life, but Inspector Javert (Geoffrey Rush), the policeman who pursued him for years, is not willing to let him do it.

Valjean is forced to flee from Javert, as he struggles to find redemption and happiness.

Can Valjean escape his past and find peace?

Les Misérables is an epic and moving film that explores themes such as redemption, revenge and the importance of hope.

Les Misérables

Love Actually

Year: 2003
Director: Richard Curtis
IMDb: 7.6

While the new British Prime Minister falls in love with an employee of the official residence's service staff, a writer discovers that his girlfriend and his own brother are mcloser than he might believe and he goes to Marseille, where he meets his new assistant.

In another part of the country, a woman who seems happily married begins to suspect her husband and simultaneously two people with an unusual job establish a very special relationship.

On the other hand, a newlywed needs the help of a friend of her husband Peter, a widowed stepfather decides to help her stepson Sam conquer the most popular girl at her school, Johanna.

At the same time, an executive decides to take the first step with another coworker with whom she has been in love for some time, and also an old rocker prepares his final reappearance in a very peculiar way and finally a young British man decides to travel to the United States to meet women. .

Love Actually


Year: 2008
Director: Pierre Morel
IMDb: 7.8

What would you do if your daughter was kidnapped?

Bryan Millis, a former special forces agent, knows this well. When Bryan's daughter Kim is kidnapped during a trip to Paris, Bryan embarks on a mission to rescue her from her.

But the task will not be easy. The criminal network that has kidnapped Kim is a powerful and ruthless organization.

Bryan only has 96 hours to find his daughter before it's too late. Can Bryan defeat the mafia and save his daughter?

Batman Begins

Year: 2005
Director: Christopher Nolan
IMDb: 8.2

Bruce Wayne, a rich and tormented young man, embarks on a journey to find a way to change the world.

In pursuit of it, he learns martial arts, combat, and the use of technology. He also faces off against the League of Shadows, a vigilante group that wants to destroy Gotham City.

When Bruce returns to Gotham, he finds a city corrupt and controlled by crime. With the help of his loyal butler, a detective, and an engineer, Bruce becomes Batman, a vigilante who fights evil.

Batman Begins

Schindler's List

Year: 1993
Director: Steven Spielberg
IMDb: 9.0

Oskar Schindler was a German businessman who moved to Poland during World War II. At first, Schindler profited from the war, doing business with the Nazis. But as the war progressed, Schindler began to see the horror that was happening to the Jews.

He decided that he had to do something to help. Schindler began buying Jews from the Nazis to save their lives. In total, he saved more than 1,000 Jews from death in concentration camps.

Schindler's List
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